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December 3, 2021

Every generation a handful of leaders are summoned to answer the calling of their destiny. But it is a rare opportunity to be in the presence of true leadership as it unfolds. 


Digital Detroit Media is humbled and proud to announce that Akil Alvin, our CEO and Global Chief Creative Officer has been named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 for 2022. That’s THE FORBES, not a local chapter or subsidiary, but the actual Forbes Magazine as 1 of 30 Top Advertising Executives, under the age of 30, in North America.


Congratulations to some of the other members of his historic class which include NBA’s Devin Booker, NFL’s Dak Prescott, Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman, and top-ranked tennis phenom Naomi Osaka, to name a few. And let’s not forget Forbes’ 2022 30 Under 30 Hall-of-Famers Facebook's Founder Mark Zuckerberg, Grammy Award-winning Recording Artist and Fashion Mogul, Rihanna, and NBA's LeBron James.


This is a real ‘drop the mic’ moment. 


Inspired at the age of 18 by the lyrics of the legendary Christopher Wallace to “Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart is in it, and live in the phrase, “The sky's the limit.”  


Many people may not have been listening, but Akil took these words to heart. With those iconic lyrics in mind, he unleashed his brand within the foundation of Digital Detroit Media (DDM), headquartered in the city bearing its name. 


Akil launched his company after graduating from the world-renowned Detroit School of Arts, in 2013. His vision has evolved into a multimedia content creation agency empowering ambitious brands to thrive in contemporary culture through a mix of storytelling, insights, and a dash of #Detroit Hustle. 


DDM is on the main stage boasting a clientele that includes large entities and municipalities such as the City of Detroit, and some of the world’s leading national and global brands such as Ford Motor Company, Major League Baseball, McDonald's, National Minority Supplier Development Council. In 2020, DDM continued to make history with a first-of-its-kind advisory mentorship with the iconic Walt Disney Company.


We meet you at the intersection of Vision, Innovation, Culture, and Impact. 


But without visionary leadership fueling the drive, there is no way to make it to the intersection. And to accomplish this before the age of 30 cannot be understated. 


For Akil, the inclusion of the word Detroit within the agency’s name was by design. Being true to who you are means you have to be real to who you are, so Detroit had to be included in his brand- our brand- which underscores the power of who we are.


Working with Akil doesn’t allow us to consider ourselves lucky; we consider ourselves selectively chosen to do what we do, which is the vital work at the heart of our calling and mission to Authentically Impact Culture.


We understand the power of being who we are, as we are, and where we are.  We moved the world, we made you dance, and when faced with adversity, we never quit. We keep it real.

We are Digital Detroit Media.


 Akil has left the building. 

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April 27, 2021

Akil, considered by many as one of Detroit's proudest treasures, came back to where it all started, The City of Detroit Government, to be honored for all of his accomplishments. 

At the young age of seven years old, Akil was called upon to produce events and initiatives for his local public library. His innovative programming revitalizes the local branch, making it the number one library in the City of Detroit. At the age of 10, Akil began his career with the UniverSoul Circus, becoming a pillar in the Detroit Market for the world-renowned show. At the age of 13, Akil began interning for the City of Detroit's Media Services Department, his start in broadcast television, and his passion for storytelling became evident. After graduating high school, Akil started Digital Detroit Media and grew it to one of the top ad agencies in the region. 

Watch the video below for Akil's story and the remarks from government officials who know Akil best.

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